Web Development Lab 2

Name: Shreya Raj

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #2

Lab 2 Overview

This lab focused on tables as well as some more general information about computers. The lab required you to compelete 2 levels of codeacadamy and then be able to have the knowledge to create tables. As the finished product, it was required to answer some questions (about general computer knowledge), make 2 tables, and lastly research a web development company.


  1. What is a server? How is it different than a standard computer?
      A server is a computer on a network that manages network resources. The main differnce is that a standard computer runs a user friendly operating system, where as a server runs all network resources.
  2. What are the tags needed for an HTML table?
      The tags needed for an HTML table are the < table > tag, the < th > tag, the < tr > tag, and the < td > tag.
  3. What does an iFrame allow you to do?
      The iFrame allows you to display a seperate, second webpage that is shown in your original/main wepage.
  4. What does the < a > tag do?
      The < a > tag defines a hyperlink, this allows you to access a link within your webpage.
  5. What does the < tr > tag do?
      The < tr > tag defines a row in a table.
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    Favorite Foods Number of Liking
    Pizza 1
    Ice-Cream 2
    Hot-Dog 3

    Favorite Foods

    1. Find a web development company. What does it cost for them to create a website? How long does it take?
        A web development company that is actually in the bay area is the company, HyperArts Web Design and Development. To create a website the usual cost is $1,200 to $3,000 (or more). And it usually takes almost 12-16 weeks to create a full website.
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